About Building Automation & Smart Home

BuildingAutomation/aboutPages/Building-Automation-Smart-Home-Functions The Market for Home Automation is growing rapidly. In the coming years, Home Automation Solutions for Comfort, Security and advanced communications will be an integral part of most homes and offers. This will provide a vast advantage for their occupants.

“Mastery IT” provides the following Features:

  • Energy Savings:

Saving scenarios combining lighting, HVAC and blinds control. Time Scheduling and remote communication allow on line control. 

  • Entertainment:

Communication gateways for interactive services handling centralized A/V Sources form any point of our installation.

  • Interfaces:

Interfaces between our technology and users, easy to handle and configure. 

  • Security:

Access control, intrusion and technical alarms,Fire, smoke, gas and flooding sensors to prevent domestic accidents.

  • Communications:

Home and office control from our mobile Smartphone, PDA or PC. 

Mastery IT Smart Home System Functions:

  • Lighting:

Smart-Home-Lighting "Mastery IT" Optimum control for energy efficiency and increased comfort levels.  Heightened security through presence simulation.

  • HVAC:

Smart-Home-HVAC "Mastery IT"Independent temperature control of every zone in your home for maximum comfort.

  • Curtains, blinds and awnings control:

Smart-Home-Blinds "Mastery IT"Optimizing the amount of natural light entering your home.

  • Distributed Audio Control:

Smart-Home-Audio "Mastery IT"Channels selection and audio control.

  • Generic control:

Smart-Home-Multifunctions "Mastery IT"Control house hold appliances (washing machines, ovens, microwaves, water heaters, etc.)

  • Alarm Activation:

Smart-Home-Security "Mastery IT"Flood, Fire, Smoke, Gas and Intrusion detection.

  • Video Entryphone:

Smart-Home-Video-Entryphone "Mastery IT"Video door entry system and access control for your home.

  • Scene Creation:

Smart-Home-Scene-Creation "Mastery IT"Series of simultaneous events that enhance comfort levels.

  • Remote access:

Smart-Home-Communications "Mastery IT"Connect to your home from anywhere using a web enabled pc, mobile phone or PDA.