Some of Smart Building Applications

  • Security Cameras

Mastery IT - Security-Cameras

All the Building is covered with IP Security Cameras; each floor is covered with Security Cameras to monitor all the movements in each floor, recording in floor Cameras is depending on Motion Detection Feature.

Garage is monitored using Cameras that will be distributed to cover entrances from In and out gates of the Garage, Stairs and Elevators exits.

And there are Cameras in the Building Entrances to monitor Elevators and visitors coming to the building.

All the Cameras are recording based on motion and recordings kept safe at the Security management of the Building.

The Security Guard can monitor Cameras from his desk and any camera with motion detected will pop-up to him for monitoring.

  • Fire Alarm

mastery it Fire-Alarm

Each Floor contains Smoke Detector to detect and possible source of fire, call points at each stairs to manually announce fire Existence, Siren to a notify residence of possible fire alarm to quickly evacuate the apartments.

All the Detectors are addressable connected to the Main board downstairs, the Security guard will have a screen to monitor the fire alarm system and any alerts will pop-up on his screen for immediate action.

Heat detectors in the Garage will be used to detect any possible fire since smoke detectors is not possible to be used because of the car smoke that will give false alarms to the system.

Firefighting sprinklers can be added to the system to ensure maximum security measures have been taken against Fire.

  •  Power Saving Lighting

Mastery IT Power-Saving-Lighting

Managing the floor lights in such huge building is very essential to minimize electricity consumption; also automatic lighting based on motion will make it easier not searching for light button in the dark or when you are carrying a lot of bags after coming from the supermarket. 

Each floor will have 360⁰ PIR, when anyone get out of the elevators, stairs or apartments lights around this area will light on automatically and last for a certain amount of time after motion has ended to save electricity.

180⁰ PIR will be used in each floor stairs to light up for people using the stairs, While 180⁰ PIR will be used at each garbage disposal room to light up this room automatically.

The power saving of using this technique is noticeable.

  • Internet Network

Mastery it Internet-Network

Each Floor contains switch/switchs for each wing, this switch will collect data from IP Cameras as well as connecting the apartment switch to the Building Network. 

Floor Switch will be connected to the control Room in the basement where servers are storing Camera Images.

Each Apartment switch will connect the following to the Building network:

  1. IP Intercom System.
  2. Home Automation Gateway.
  3. Wifi Wireless Access Point
  4. Internet Ports for the Rooms to connect any device to the network.

The whole building now is connected together Via Ethernet Network, ADSL lines with high speed Mbps download/Upload can be connected to the main switch in the Basement to provide each apartment with very high speed Internet connection with a yearly subscription.

The benefits of this Internet connection is that each apartment will enjoy Mbps Internet speed while in case of no one is using internet in his apartment the speed will increase for other users.

  •  Garage Features

 Mastery IT Garage-Features

Garage Gates are secured with Boom Gates operated by Proximity card with Owners to allow only authorized cars to enter the parking.

Garage is protected with Fire Alarm Heat Detectors, optional Fire System can be offered.

Other features can be added such as automatic lighting, paring space lighting when vehicles arrive and Elevator Order upon arriving with the car.

  • Video Intercom

IP Video Intercom has many features against traditional video intercom; IP Video Intercom depends on the LAN Network in the building to connect between the Door Phone and the Users phones, with less wiring, less devices, less complex and easy to maintain system.

Mastery IT Video-Intercom

Also with IP System, User Interface is not limited to the phone on the wall beside the door, but it can be a soft phone on your mobile or on your computer, you can also connect through internet to receive the video intercom calls wherever you are.

As an option that can be offered calls on video phone can be forwarded to your cell phone or any other phone using your own phone line and so you can talk to your visitor without even being at home.

If you have a controlled door lock you can remotely open the door to your family member visiting you and didn’t find you at home.

  • MATV (Satellite Network)

Mastery IT MATV-Satellite-Network

A Central Satellite Network will allow the users to have in more than one location in their apartment the possibility of connecting separate receivers working on two satellite, the system will also deliver each location with UHF and VHF TV System Signals with High quality and clear pictures.

  •  Apartments Home Automation infrastructure preparation

Each apartment must be prepared with an infrastructure that allow each customer to install they needed features easily and Mastery IT will just design the electricity plan that will be the infrastructure for home automation system and it will be used instead of the ordinary electricity plan so any customer will choose the needed features and it can be installed easily without any change in the electricity infrastructure and without any digging work.

Mastery IT interfaces-Switches-Push--Buttons-Touchable-wall-mounted-KeypadsWe Prepared a Home Automation form that will be filled with every customer who is buying a new apartment in Rihanna and he will choose the required features in his apartment according to his needs, these features are:

  •  Lighting Control (on/off – Dimming).
  •  Curtains, Blinds, Shutters and Awnings control.
  •  Air conditioning control.
  •  Sound System.
  •  Audio and Video devices control.
  •  Different kind of interfaces:
    •  Switches and Push Buttons.
    •  Touchable wall-mounted Keypads.
    •  Graphical wall-mounted touch screens.
    •  Wireless Remote Controls.
    •  Wireless Graphical Touch Screens.
    •  PC through internet from anywhere using web server module.
    •  Mobile using GSM module.
    •  IPhone or iPad using special software on iPhone.

After the customer fill his form and of course with his full name, Cell phone number and e-mail, an offer will be ready with his requirements and will be sent for him on his e-mail and he can change the options and receive another offer till he receive the offer that will satisfy his needs and can be afforded from him inside his budget. Of course this needs that all apartments must be ready to install any requirements needed by customers.