What Is Building Automation & Smart Home ?

What are the benefits of an automated home?

Home Automation and Smart Home Applications and features -  خصائص ومميزات وتطبيقات نظام المنزل الذكى ونظم أتمتة المبانىAn automated home coordinates security, temperatures, lighting, and audio/video automatically for safety, energy savings, and convenience. 

Automatically dimming lights and changing heating and cooling setpoints when you are away from home can greatly reduce energy costs. 

Remote access lets you view security video on a laptop or web-enabled cell phone. 

Adding home automation can also increase the value of your home.

Is the system easy to understand and operate?

YES. Touchscreen graphic displays can be customized to meet your unique tastes and requirements. Children can even learn and understand how to use basic features of the system. Day-to-day events are controlled with one button, such as Day, Night, Vacation, or Away. More specific activities are menu driven to change temperature, lights, audio and more. 

Can it be controlled over the Internet or telephone?

YES. All "Mastery IT" systems can be monitored and controlled over the Internet or telephone either inside or outside the home. Check and adjust lights, temperature, security, audio, and more. Perfect for a vacation house.

Smart Home Over Internet , Phones and Mobiles -  الوصول للبيت والتحكم فيه عبر الانترنت والتليفون والموبيل Internet - "Mastery IT" offers video surveillance capabilities over the Internet, so you can get a visual check of your home via your web-enabled phone or PC. Receive e-mails or text messages to inform you of what is happening at home.

Telephone - Not only can you call to check on the status of your home, but your system can actually contact you! Be informed of an alarm or that children are safe as soon as they have returned home from their day at school.

Can the system expand easily if my needs change?

YES. Add Touchscreens, pool, spa, or irrigation controls, window treatments, remotes, multi-room audio systems, home theater controls, access control, video surveillance, intercom, and more. Mastery IT partners with many companies in related industries so you can expand and customize your home automation system now, or at any time in the future. Our expertise in telecommunication and programming, both the underlying technologies of building automation and smart home systems, enable us to follow and transfer the latest emerging smart home and building automation features to our clients, so that they can upgrade and expand their systems accordingly.

Is the system expensive?

"Mastery IT" offers a home automation system for every lifestyle. Price depends on the size of your home and the options that you desire. We will evaluate your home and your family’s needs to customize a system that is just right for you.

Mastery IT brands will make your home greener by making it more energy efficient. As an added benefit you will save money on your energy bills. If used properly, your system can practically pay for itself in energy savings, while increasing the resale value of your home.