Introduction to Video Surveillance

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Security cameras can also work to deter criminal activity. We've seen countless examples where the rate of reported incidents has dropped significantly, in schools for instance, simply by the presence of security cameras. In many cases, strategically placed video surveillance cameras will make potential offenders think twice about acting out, which of course leads to a safer environment overall.

In terms of risk management, surveillance systems help to eliminate the threat of false claims and frivolous lawsuits. For most businesses, such scenarios often prove extremely costly. Video surveillance provides the necessary visual proof to confirm facts and address legitimate cases while refuting false ones.

It’s important to note that security cameras can deliver much more than video images for post-event analysis. Today’s video surveillance systems can provide users with the tools for efficient real-time monitoring, advanced motion detection, integration with external security systems, and other intelligent features that increase the chances of catching potential threats as they happen.

In the end, the role of video surveillance is different for each user. How can a video surveillance system help you? Answering that question is the first step in determining what type of surveillance setup best meets your needs.